My recent experience with Orthotics – All the way from Nanaimo!


Unfortunately, most likely due to genetics, my lower back and my knees have been getting worse lately. To the point where I’m now researching what my options are. My dad has bad knees too so I think that’s where it comes from.

Anyways, my search landed me in the field of Orthotics, which basically deals with braces, splints, etc. Interestingly though, I’ve received my best information so far from a company all the way in Canada! Who would’ve thought an Orthotics company in Nanaimo would give me the information I was looking for!

Of course I won’t be traveling all the way to an Orthotics office in Nanaimo to have anything done. I don’t care how good they are! However, I was impressed by their level of service.

When I called, even though they knew I was in America and likely wouldn’t be a client, the secretary on the phone was still very helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

She said based off of what I told her, a Hinged Knee Brace would most likely be my best option and to continue looking into that. She also recommended something for my wrist too since my carpal tunnel gets bad sometimes.

I had never heard of Orthotics before but apparently the use of its types of products is very helpful to a lot of people, especially those with arthritis. They have something for just about every type of pain you can experience. Whether it’s your heel, leg, hip, arm, knee, wrist, elbow, etc.

The nice secretary from the Orthotics office in Nanaimo also recommended seeing a chiropractor. She said while Orthotics products are very helpful in reducing pain, you also want to focus on fixing the problem as well and not just dealing with the pain.

She also said I need to find a Certified Pedorthist, which is a professional that specializes in modifying footwear. Apparently the shoes you where have a pretty significant impact on your back as well!

Having the proper footwear is one of those small things that can make a big difference, so I’ll be looking into that as well.

So my homework now is to find a Certified Pedorthist, look into getting a Hinged Knee Brace, and also finding a Chiropractor in my area. Fortunately the Orthotics company in Nanaimo was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction so I know what to look for now.

We’ll see what happens now!


Tips to Hire The Best Technician for AC Repair

100_0211I’m proud to say this is my first blog post on this site! But before I go into my content, I’d like to share my story and what this site will be about.

I am a former business owner from the car rental industry. Throughout my time as an entrepreneur, I made many friends all over the country who are or were business owners in different industries. Alliances were made and we did well together.

One of the things I learned about was the power of referrals. Referrals are the life blood of any business. We can advertise and market all day, but if as business owners want to slash that investment in half, we must focus on referrals.

And that’s what I will be sharing on this blog. I will be giving referrals and news about particular industries to keep consumers informed so they can make the best choices for their needs.

Business is my passion, so that’s what I’ll be writing about! Now, onto the good stuff!

Air Conditioning Service

Nowadays most house owners look for the assistance of  technicians to fix the air conditioners installed in their homes. The technicians are very skilled and trained to do a multitude of tasks like repairing, maintaining and installing the system.  You have to make sure that the professionals whom you are hiring have the following qualifications.

  1. Full Experience – It is not necessarily important to hire the most senior technicians to get your AC repaired but it does help. You have to look for a contractor who has a wealth of knowledge and good experience. Many professionals obtain experience in various training workshops and apprenticeships which allow them to become seasonal technicians. Among the professionals hired within the company, the majority will be or will be working on becoming ACCA and NATE certified. These are highly respected certifications within the industry and should give you peace of mind when hiring an HVAC contractor. air-conditioner-charlotte
  1. Proper Credentials – Most municipals require a special license in order to practice AC repair work. It’s important to check your states specific requirements and then make sure the contractor you are hiring has obtained those specific licenses. The license is a proof which ensures that the individual is trained and tested in your city. You must also get the insurance information in the event that something goes wrong. In case of an emergency you and the technicians will be safe in the event of accident and property damage. So look for the professionals with both of these
  1. Versatility – One should search for the technicians with a wide range of HVAC skills. Your contractor should be proficient in all areas of air conditioning services. They should have some idea of how to the out of the box work. It will really help you when you have some critical issues with your AC.
  1. Excellent References – As I mentioned earlier, word of mouth is a business’ greatest form of advertising. For example, I have a friend in Jacksonville, FL who runs a very successful AC company. If you live in the area and need a good AC technician, they’re definitely the guys to call. But nowadays, any basic search in your area will allow you to determine fairly quickly who are the good contractors in your area.installing-air-conditioner

In case you do not get information from your friends and families who can provide you with a good reference then you are free to ask the technicians to show you the reference list. You can keep a cross check by making a call to one of the references to make sure the technician provide excellent services.

  1. The Right Charges – The final step is to plan the amount you would like to invest for your AC repair work. But it does NOT mean that you hire a novice person to solve your AC problem. They may offer your services at your rates, but it’s not always the right thing to do. You have to search someone with excellent skills and enough experience first. Then you can quote a price to more than one technician with same experience and qualifications to get the best expert. You have to do all these things before making a final decision.